Master Rubens

Travel with Rubens, Bruegel, Van Eyck & Enjoy the Mastership of their homeland Flanders with Brussels & Beyond.

During the Flemish Masters’ travel Experiences we tell the story of the Flemish Master involved, we make him tangible and bring him back to life. The travel Experiences follow the Master Rubens-, Master Bruegel- and Master Van Eyck route, during which we meet the Flemish Master as a person, as an artist, a diplomat, a traveler, an intellectual. We combine the Flemish Masters with his homeland, his Zeitgeists, the women of his time. This is how you will meet the soul of the Master, his entourage and Flanders as a precious and inspiring destination. These travel Experiences compile ingredients of space, time and styles.

It’s important to know that the travel Experiences which we offer and sell actively are inspirations
which at all time can and will be personalized to your wishes and requests.