Düsseldorf. Bright & Charming.

Photo: Bart van Hoof

Düsseldorf. Bright & Charming.

Düsseldorf is an amazing city with its modern art, thrilling architecture, historical quarter and a wonderful yacht port at the Rhine. As one of Germany's wealthiest cities it has it all; trendy bars, fancy restaurants, magical shops and a sparkling nightlife.

This elegant shopping city has its fashion heart in Königsallee which is one of only a handful of internationally regarderd shopping streets that, proudly calling themselves 'boulevards'. Düsseldorf is an international business and financial centre with a varied community.

Known for its academy of fine arts and pioneering influences on electronical/experimental music, Düsseldorf is a fabulous city with loads to offer for everyone. Brussels & Beyond has the key of the city to offer you memorable travel experiences.

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