Travel with the Flemish Masters

Brussels and Beyond - Flemish Masters

Many of the works by the Flemish Masters can be admired all over the world. The experience however is most powerful in the unique setting of Flanders...

Brussels. The Art of Elegance.

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Brussels, Belgian and European Capital.

Antwerp. Shine in the diamond city.

The Port of Antwerp connects the city with the rest of the world. Over the years, the greater the port of Antwerp grew, the greater the city's reputation also became as a global hub for diamonds.

A Taste of Antwerp

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Discover Antwerp by Belgian food, appetizers and drinks. Your journey will go beyond mythes, buildings, statues, highlights… You’ll taste the city...

Comic’s in Brussels

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Brussels, homeland of Tintin and Spirou, the undeniable forerunners of many generations of comic strip heroes. The Smurfs, Lucky Luke and the Daltons...

Dinant. Rocky Business.

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A citadel on a rock, an adventurous kayak journey and an exclusive discovery of the Leffe-brewery. In Dinant, everything is possilble...

Ghent. Pure Magic.

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Europe’s Best Kept Secret is hidden in Belgium. A lively student city filled with precious panoramic views, happy people, history & culture, fashion...

Liege by bike

A bike or a tandem, as long as you roll around the city, you’ll cheer for joy. Liège, in the valley of the Meuse river offers a big variety of activities which...

Sparkling Bruges

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You probably already knew that Bruges is the Venice from the North. Did you also know that its historic city center is a prominent World Heritage...