Best of France

Feel royal at Fontainebleau.

Only 60 km from Paris, at the shores of the Seine, you'll find a breathtaking castle in the peaceful woods of Fontainebleau. For more than 800 years, the castle served as the cottage house for France's kings and queens.

Lille. Delightful.

Did you know Lille has its own Louvre museum, hosting wonderful pieces which used to be exposed in Le Louvre in Paris?

Paris. 'Always a good idea.' Audrey Hepburn

Did you know Paris has over 9000 terraces and for this you would need more or less 30 years to have enjoyed every one of them? Being one of the most beautiful cities on earth, The City of Lights offer romance to every traveler.

Reims. Sparkling.

Photo: Deborah Meersmans

Reims played a prominent role in the French monarchial history as the traditional side of the crowning of the kings of France.
The main places include the Place Royale, a statue of Louis XV and the place Cardinal-Luçon with an heroic statue  Joan Arc.