‘Brussels & Beyond’ as a part of a worldwide travel network

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‘Brussels & Beyond’ is the incoming department from Joker. Since 1981, Joker stands for “Connecting People, Bridging Cultures”. The essence of traveling with Joker lies within meeting people. This value also characterizes Brussels & Beyond.

Within Joker’s DNA, sustainable tourism is a very important element, searching continuously to balance People, Planet, Profit and Pleasure. This is how the cooperation within Joker and the ViaVia network actively strengthens three different but associated domains:

  • The travel organizations Joker and Anders Reizen emphasizing on adventure and discovery. Brussels & Beyond organizing exclusive travel packages and tailor-made travel experiences to Belgium and Europe.
  • A worldwide network of ViaVia travel bars
  • Professional training concerning sustainable tourism (Via Via tourism Academy), travel guidance (Karavaan) and intercultural entrepreneurship

Joker concentrates its attention entirely towards the traveler while directly supporting the local economy. Thanks to this way of working Joker became a recognized and meaningful travel organization, receiving many prices along its 34 years of existence:

  • 2000: VBO-VEV Price of International Partnership for Sustainable Development.
  • 2007, 2009, 2010, 2014: Travel Magazine Award for Most Sustainable Touroperator of the Year.
  • 2014: The first Belgian Touroperator receiving the Travelife Certificate of Sustainability delivered by the European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism (ECEAT). In order to receive this certificate, the company has to fulfil more than 150 criterions concerning social and responsible entrepreneurship.

Thanks to being highly involved with a wider environment Joker operates in, every journey has its own wide dimension. This is how traveling with Joker becomes a relaxed and intense experience filled with discovering new things. The power and creativity to combine all of these elements making it a fantastic and adventurous cocktail and the desire to keep on crossing borders, is Jokers’ secret for success.

From this lasting and worldwide expertise Joker created its incoming department: ‘Brussels & Beyond’. With this department, Joker wants to open the world for travelers from other cultures. Joker’s base lies in Brussels, the capital of Flanders, Belgium and Europe. From the Belgian capital, we will wander to other destinations.